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Hey Guys,
Apologies for the delay in the update. I have had some issues to deal with and only just had time to write this.

I know not everyone sees the updates posted in the individual aircraft forums so I will summarise what has been happening over the last few months here.

I have been working through the bug list and one bug that has been annoying me for quite a while is the sidewinder seek tone not switching off when it should do.
There is a work around for this but it means jettisoning the missiles, which is not good when you need them for defense on the way home.
I have enlisted the help of one of our programmers who is looking at this one with me and I hope we'll have this fixed as soon as possible.
As soon as it is working I'll post up a short video on our Youtube channel showing it so please go and subscribe.

The updated canopy glass was patched in the last 2.0.5 patch and is already with ED for the next 1.5.6 update along with a few EFM tweaks to the engine system.

With the success of the lighting system in the rear cockpit, this will be made into the same in the front cockpit to help those of you seeing fps issues. External lighting will also be updated using the same method to help fps.

I have a long list of annoying little bugs that we are working through and again details of those will be posted up as they are fixed.

Once those are all out of the way it's on to re-coding the ASM which I've already covered in previous updates. No timescales for this one because as you can imagine it's a monumental task. However it needs to be done as we are finding it harder to plug those holes with the existing ASM code with each DCS patch.

We were on track to deliver the module to Wags and ED by the end of Feb for evaluation. However with a patch in DCS we hit a big snag on the engine that was not noticed in 1.5.5 but was very prominent in the 1.5.6 patch.
The team are still working around the clock figuring this one out and trust me, no one wants the module out in your hands more than we do.

I am aiming to make some videos next week of the training missions. These will be for Start-up, taxi and take-off, circuit and landing.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page and subscribe to our Youtube channel for those, links below.

If you are lucky enough to be one of Pman's friends then you'll notice he did a cheeky test stream of flying the P40 last week to his Facebook page. This was to test out an alternative streaming system.
I'll actually be covering more in the videos next week so don't worry, you won't miss out.

Well who thought that re-branding our logo would cause such a stir on the DCS Facebook group.
It is simply a re-branding exercise to bring our consumer and military projects branding in line with each other, nothing more than that.
We have had a Typhoon in our company logo since the beginning in 2008. You've seen this for the past 9 years so why it caused a stir now is beyond me. But there you go, that's some people for you.
We will be launching a revamp of our business web site soon in line with the re-branding.

Whilst we're taking about Typhoon; the new external and cockpit 3D models are nearly complete. We need one more piece of information for scaling but that won't hold up integration of the new models.
Once I receive them I'll be working on switch and control surface animations ready for ASM integration at a later date.
We will not confirm any release dates until agreed with ED, so please stop asking for them.

What's next
Well we have several art assets complete for the modules we are in contract with TFC for.
Once P-40 is out we will work on the next module for release.
It will not be announced until agreed with TFC and ED, so again please stop asking us to confirm what it will be.

That's all for this update and please remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel and keep an eye out on here for impromptu updates.

Many thanks,
Chris, Pete and the team.
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